Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So Ready to Go!

Less than ONE WEEK before I leave for Firenze. I am so stir crazy at home... with my sisters well into school again, and all my friends back to UVa together I am ready to get started on my own adventures! The thought of packing in 2 suitcases for 4 months is still quite a daunting one that has been lingering over my head. Those of you who know me well, know that that could quite possibly be one of the worst nightmares I could have... sad I know. I just have a hard time narrowing down to the essentials sometimes....

Aside from the packing, and the fact that I can count the Italian words I know on one hand (if you don't count pizza and spaghetti) I am so ready to be in Florence. I cannot wait to get lost on little side streets and make friends with little old Italian men. I will miss everyone at home and UVa. so much. Hopefully this will give y'all a little taste of my life over seas while I'm gone.

Just as a side note... I have never had a blog before and feel a little silly writing about myself like this so just bare with me. Hopefully my super artsy pictures of all my travels and experiences can compensate for the writing skill level of my blog compared to the blogs of my two English major roommates.

One last thing.. just to explain the title for those of you that don't get my super cheesy play on words... it is called "Fashion Firenze" because for one thing, Fashion is one of my greatest interests and my primary area of study while in Florence (Firenze) which leads me to the second thing, the "Firenze" part.... Firenze is Italian for Florence and it sounds like "frenzy"... get it??... Fashion Frenzy... Fashion Firenze. Okay I'm done now.
Promise these will get better once I'm in Italia!


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