Saturday, January 28, 2012

No more pillow cases, shoot-a-monkey, beautiful food and more beautiful food.

Well it is day three here in Firenze and after a successful search for towels, my first hot shower (3rd times the charm??), both bags back in my possession, a VERY full room, and a much needed Martha Stuart apartment make over, I'm feeling much more at ease about things. Its so nice to finally be settled into our apartment and beginning to get our bearings... big emphasis being on the "our" part of that statement ( mom and dad I completely blame you for my incapability to know where I am at all times in this city). Essentially I say the river is to the left and it is 100% guaranteed really to the right (i.e. our run today, we managed to get on the outside of the gate into Florence without ever exiting it).... my first trek out alone is going to be quite an interesting one...

Our apartment is much much better. Between the 11am wakeup entry of our landlord yesterday to fix the hot water and Natalie and I's attempt to get crafty with some decorating, the place feels much more quaint and homey... ( some actual bedding and towels helped a bit too). Now our living/dining/kitchen/den features a lovely table cloth, some fake flowers, and a slip cover and curtains made from a sheet set (DIY pintrest worthy?)...
Humble abode... (photo courtesy of Nat's blog)
Aside from fixing up our apartment, essentially all I've been doing is wandering, and admiring or eating beautiful food. We went to the market for the second time today. The food there is beautiful! Every fruit and vegetable looks like it was color enhanced. Oh and I made my first Italian purchase yesterday (shocking it was so soon I know...) and got an AWESOME fur coat from the market.

 While the market food was amazing to drool over, I've already had quite my share of meals worth drooling over too. Last night I had the best pizza of my life (thank you Ley Ley!) at Gusta Pizza. It was AMAZING anddddd if that wasn't enough it even came in the shape of a heart...

Gusta Pizza mmmmmmm
After our delicious pizza we went to Art Bar another new favorite (again, thank you Ley ley!). I plan to go often, the intimate atmosphere was great and the drinks were INCREDIBLE. Truly the prettiest things I've ever seen. I got a fruit cocktail which literally came with a fruit basket bursting out the top of it... you name it, that fruit was there.

Art Bar with Christinia.. my new found soul mate.. we both say "Shoot-a-Monkey" and are the only 2 I know that say that... enough said. 

And now just to assure everyone I did not come to Italy solely for food, a little peak at the beautiful Duomo, a 5 minute walk from our apartment...


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