Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ciao from Firenze!

(haven't learned the "from" part of that phrase yet)

We are finally here and able to breath a bit. After 2 flights.. long flights, both of my bags lost, and a bit of venturing to get to our apartment (which is another whole story) we are finally here! Its been quite a journey. Still have no bags on day 2 (probably punishment for over-packing).... so as much as I'd love to wear the same clothes again tomorrow I'm really hoping they will get here soon.

It is still pretty unreal to me that this is about to be my home until May. The city is BEAUTIFUL. I can't wait to go exploring tomorrow. We have been stuck in orientation ALL day so I don't feel like I've been able to just wander and enjoy yet. While our apartment is in a great location, it has not been the best situation thus far. I didn't think it would ever be possible to live in a room smaller than kappa but I'm pretty sure we are currently living in it. We've already gotten some good laughs out of it though.... Such as Natalie and I's attempt to switch out a piece of furniture last night which resulted in the bottom breaking off, a discovery of old wine that smelt like sauerkraut, and an ab workout from laughing so hard, followed by an orientation talk today explicitly emphasizing how important it is NOT to move furniture... woops.

The amount of electricity and water the Italians use, or lack thereof, is definitely something I'll have to adjust to as well.  Our one outlet in our bedroom and lack of hot water were not the most comforting discoveries. I got about a minute into my ice bath of a shower this morning before I physically couldn't bare it anymore, then resorted to the sink to wash my hair. After which I dried myself off with extra pillow cases... who knew "linens provided" didn't include a towel...

I don't mean to complain there is so much to be excited about here! I've got a gem of a old school Nokia phone to use while in Italy :) and am so happy to have Natalie, Adair and Christina on this journey with me. I don't know if I could be doing it alone.

I've already tested out 2 pizza places, both of which were absolutely delicious... don't worry it won't be a regular habit... I don't intend on gaining my "Florence 15", just had to try it out. Oh and the cappuccinos and gelato are divine! I never thought I'd consider Starbucks to be a downgrade but I think it might be compared to Florence.

Like I said everywhere is absolutely beautiful! The tiny cobblestone streets are so quaint (even though their narrowness makes you feel like you'll be hit by any moving transportation at all times). The constant scenery is so idealistic with the beautiful Arno river and all of the gorgeous Renaissance buildings. Its like walking through history everywhere you turn.

This is the breathtaking Santa Croce one block down from our apartment and on my path to class everyday...

And my wonderful roommates in what we wish was our apartment, Napoleon Bonaparte sister's house....
That's all for now! Ciao!


  1. HAHA you lost your bags! Sorry but that is quite hilarious... I also love the visual of you drying your hair with a pillow case!

  2. Oh. my. gosh... I can't help, but agree with Ruthie.... that would all happen to you in the first two days of being there.... But, it sounds like a blast! I'm so excited you are doing this blog so I can keep up with what you're doing! This is awesome! Love you!