Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Rain rain go away...

Come again once we leave in May.

Well my fashion design teacher told me last week if it rains April 3rd then it will rain for 40 days.... despite my skepticism, she was definitely right. For the past 2 weeks it has done nothing but rain and if you look at the 10 day forecast for Florence there are still 10 lovely little rain cloud pictures that cover the screen.... good thing I accidentally sent home my raincoat with my parents, and have already broken 2 umbrellas I've attempted to use... woops.

This past weekend Adair and I decided to stay in Florence (our last full weekend here :( so crazy how time flies) and needless to say it was quite the honeymooners weekend getaway. We're convinced the rain sent us into retail and food therapy mode for a solid 4 days.

Friday Adair, Josephine (one of our friends in Florence) and I set out to a town about an hour away solely to visit a famous butcher and have lunch. The tour of the town consisted of getting off the bus, finding the restaurant, then getting back on the bus to return. While most people might find it a little excessive to take a 2 hour bus trip for a meal, I'm not even the littlest bit ashamed.. It was soo worth it! It made up for all the meat that's been replaced by pasta and pizza for the past 3 months here.

The infamous butcher

 Amongst our other activities we took a trip to "The Mall", the famous high end designer outlets... just us and a bunch of Asians, but an experience non the less. We discovered that FROZEN YOGURT has come to Florence..a very exciting find- (Christina of course I thought of you immediately).

Sunday we had a glimpse of sun which we took full advantage of, and went to an Antique Market held once a month in Florence. It was so cool and very local.

Antique Market

Monday we finally went to the Ferragamo Museum. It was amazing to see all of Ferragamo's work. He truly was so beyond his years. His innovations and creativity completely changed shoe design. I would wear every shoe that was on display from 1920 to today.

Ferragamo Shoe

It was a wonderful weekend with lots of shopping, eating delicious meals some out and some cooked by ourselves, watching some solid chick flicks and relaxing. Considering I'll be traveling the next 3 weekends, then it finals and I'm home, it was the perfect way to spend a relaxing, last full weekend in Firenze.


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