Monday, April 23, 2012

I Say A Little Prayer

This past weekend was a weekend filled with little prayers.

It started circa last Monday when Nat and I sat on our computers trying to figure out a "Plan B" for the weekend... somewhere in Europe without rain. Our "Plan A"- Portofino and Cinque Terre forecast was 100% chance of rain the ENTIRE weekend. After aimlessly google searching for a few hours, and typing in every destination Ryanair offered from Florence we gave in. Deciding that we'd say a little prayer and hope for the best and maybe a glimpse or 2 of sunshine.

Well wow was our little prayer answered. Natalie, Mrs. Brickman and I arrived in rain jackets and rainboots prepared for the worst to find beautiful blue skies, perfect 65 degree weather and sunshine.

We spent Friday and Saturday in Portofino where we were mesmerized by the brightly painted buildings and the tiny turquoise cove filled with little fishermen's boats, as we drooled over all the designer stores and ate our weight in the infamous foccacia bread there (it was Jackie O's favorite that she had to get every time she went to Portofino... so it couldn't be that bad right?). We spent the evenings drinking too much red wine on the top of a hill, gazing over the most surreal view of the Mediterranean as the supposedly gay hotel server shameless flirted with Mrs. Brickman when he wasn't singing along with his piano playing lover fully dressed in his purple sequin coat.

Saturday we spent laying by the pool, continuing to take in the beauty. Saturday night we returned for our too addicting wine which we decided to limit to one bottle for the night, and dinner. After dinner upon our exit, Antonio the flirtatious server, quickly ushered Natalie and I over to his, this time, Turquoise jacket dressed pianist to sing a song for the not so enthused crowd before we left. Without choice, we held the microphone staring out at the mundane group of people staring up at us from the bar area as Mrs. Brickman videoed and laughed in the back. Natalie and I definitely did our "we're really awkward so we'll just laugh" laugh the whole time as we both held the tiny microphone not sure what else to do with our hands, as the pianist cranked up the background beat and starting in on "I Say a Little Prayer"- My Best Friend's Wedding style. He belted the song pushing the microphone closer to our mouths every few seconds after we'd slowly lowered it to keep from everyone going def in the room. Wasn't really aware that that song played the chorus about 10 times... but after about 5 minutes still going strong I decided it must have been the special edition. Nevertheless we sang our hearts out until the end, laughing the whole way through, really wishing the 2 bottle of wine night had been that one and not the night before. It was definitely a moment I will never forget.

Sunday we traveled to Cinque Terre for the final leg of our amazing unforgettable trip. We hiked a bit and relaxed to the sound of the ocean crashing on the rocks.

Today before leaving Nat and I got up early to hike 2 of the towns before heading back, and wow was it worth it. The little fishermen towns burst with color and contrast beautifully against the turquoise sea. As we walked down "Lover's Way" together, reflecting back on what an amazing experience we've had as our time is winding down, I could not be more thankful for this weekend, our friendship, the treat of having Mrs. Brickman as my second mama this past week, and all the wonderful memories we're sharing here that we will never forget.... All things definitely worth saying a little prayer for.


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