Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess...

It's a love story so baby just say yes....

I felt it only appropriate to carry all the ooey gooey lovey dovey- ness I experienced in Verona, Italy this past weekend into my blog. And what better way to refer to this city of love and the story of Romeo and Juliet than through the oh so moving words of Taylor Swift. Truly though, Verona was such a romantic city in every essence of the word. Between the romantic and beautiful landscape and architecture to the house of Juliet and the red heart decoration and souvenirs that masked the town, it is truly a city of love. And we couldn't have picked a more appropriate time to visit than the week before Valentines day... Imagine a town sized Target Valentines Day section on steroids.

After an evening arrival Friday night and an escape from our group hotel dinner we wandered into Verona (wandering equalling about the walking the distance from Bodos on 29 to Mellow on the corner... soo a more suitable description might be trek). But anyways upon our trek, we stumbled upon Juliet's house right before its closing. It was such a wonderful surprise, with only a few other people still there. We attempted to snap a few photos before the gates closed, and saw another couple taking one rubbing the breast of Juliet... so naturally, though not yet knowing the significance of that, we quickly jumped up after and got one ourselves. I was happy to learn post photo that there actually is a reason people rub her tata and I wasn't just mimicking some pervert before me. So to everyone seeing this picture, YES, there is a significance in doing that and it is to have good luck in love.... good thing I just went with what felt right... get it?

Getting intimate with Juliet
Juliet's Balcony
Locking of love onto the gates
Gate into Case di Giulietta
Aside from getting a little love luck, and writing letters to Juliet (apparently someone really does write you back), we toured the beautiful city, explored a lot, ate more sweets in 48 hours than I ever have (guess all the love was making me depressed?.. and clearly sugary treats were the answer). The city was similar to Florence, but a little smaller and without all the Americanization. We actually had to try to speak Italian for once. It was a nice change.

Though it was freezing weather, very unusual for Italy, we bundled up and embraced it. We even had a little snow fall for our last evening there... Just when we thought it was as romantic as it could get.

Main Piazza in Verona




  1. this incorporated a lot of things i love
    t swift

    keep blogging. i clearly check it too often.

  2. I agree with Virginia.... although i get a bit jealous reading your posts, i absolutely love reading every word.

    look for me a romeo while you're there ;)