Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Sweet It Is...

Life is sweet right now. Just purely, wonderfully sweet. Today we FINALLY had beautiful weather...60 and sunny!! I think I reached a state of pure bliss when I was able to eat lunch outside... a moment I've long been waiting for.  And if that wasn't enough, this afternoon we went on a walking food tour of Florence in cooking class.

Our first stop was Il Re Gelateria, our teacher's personal favorite, where we got to watch a world renown gelato master/creator make gelato from scratch to finish right before our eyes. I never want to go to another gelato place again after seeing how fresh and pure his gelato was... Strawberry gelato which consisted of only fresh strawberries and simple syrup. THAT'S IT. I was amazed, and it was so delicious! This is how fresh he makes all of his flavors. He was telling us all about how he loves experimenting and has made every flavor from mozzarella to olive oil... so strange I know, but he said they were a success!
Gelato machine

World renown gelato maker
Final presentation
As if the gelato demo and tasting wasn't enough we then proceeded on our tour to a little hole in the wall vino e spuntini (wine and snacks) place where we were served the most delicious spread of food. The crostinis were amazing. Natalie and I will definitely be their new regulars.

Selection of Tuscan Salami and Bread
Crostini with sausage and stracchino cheese
Crostini with fennel, Gorgonzola and honey, and crostini with mild cheese, sundried tomatoes, and eggplant
Life really doesn't get much sweeter than this.


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